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Weight Loss Tips

This post will be an update on some of the latest weight loss tips, tricks and tactics – I’ll be posting very soon, so stay tuned!


Are Low Carb Diets the Best Way to Lose Fat?

One of the most popular diets is the Atkins Diet. This is a low-carb diet that many people have followed and successfully lost weight. However, people such as Alex Simring seem to think that these diets should be followed with extreme caution. Low carb diets work on the principle that when you make your body switch from using sugar as fuel to fat as fuel, you succeed in losing weight. So, you basically cut down the carbohydrate and increase the intake of fat. However, this process needs to be done gradually and this is where people often tend to make a mistake. Some people also make the mistake of decreasing fat intake along with decreasing the amount of carbohydrate. Simply said, low carb diets should be followed carefully. It is advisable to follow this diet under the supervision of an expert. Any mistake with this diet can affect your health negatively and do more harm than good.

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Hello and wecome to my new health and fitness blog. I’m going to start off talking and writing about crossfit, as this is the newest craze in my life at the moment. I’ll start off by posting a bunch of stuff I’ve found useful on crossfit. I’m currently going to sessions at the centre in Alexandria, and I have to say that the facilities and trainers there are awesome.


Keep posted for an introduction to crossfit.


Keep well


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Dudamel and Hancock Celebrates George Gershwin

I found this great performance by the LA philharmonic of the Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin with Herbie Hancock and Dudamel. You can see what an outstanding performance this is of a classic.


Rhapsody in Blue is probably the most renowned of American George Gershwin’s compositions, and it a blend of classical and jazz styles. Solo piano with Herbie Hancock and jazz ‘band’ lead by Gustavo Dudamel, this is a real delight.

This is definitely one of the classics and one of my very earliest joys in music. I remember listening to this music when I was quite young and being fascinated by it. This particular performance is great, and Hancock seems to be really enjoying himself with the orchestra and Dudamel. I hope you enjoy it.




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Fortress of the Bears

I saw this great teaser video on the nature section of the pbs website. This short video looks at bears in Alaska and gets you seriously thinking about survival of these wonderful animals. It also got me thinking about our footprint and global warming and the impact we are having on our planet.